Kun ite tekee niin saa sellaista kun haluaa.
Ruokaa ei pidä joutua odottamaan.
Fresh is best.
Hyvin paistettu pihvi, hyvä lisuke ja maukas kastike. Miten vaikeaa se voi olla?
Mitä nopeammin, sitä enemmän.
Kaskis, kiss kiss!
Turussa ei kannata kuin kebab, pizza tai hampurilainen?
Marjoja marjoja.
Hyvän viinin ei tarvitse maksaa paljon
Kiitos kärsivällisyydestä.
Local & Global
Mitä sä söisit?
Suola on paras mauste.
Kahvin on oltava tuoretta.

Welcome to a small restaurant with a big heart.

Restaurant Kaskis saw daylight in February 2014. It is a small restaurant, run by us, three young lads. We run the service ourselves, complimented with a young skilled staff. Our idea consists of a four course menu or the crown jewel of the house, a six course Kaskis menu. You’ll end up leaving the premises with your tummy full and after enjoying matching wines, slightly tipsy.

Kaskis and her 36-seat dining room have a passionate nightlife, evening after evening. As a result, we suggest a table reservation. Reservations can easily be made through our website, Facebook, email or by phone. However, as plans tend to change up right up to the very last minute, it is often worthwhile climbing to the top of the hill and asking to possibility just walk in.

There is no parking lot, but the nearby streets offer plenty of parking spaces in the evenings, should you choose to come by car. There is also a bus (number 18) that will get you to the top of the hill if you want to save your energy for the longer menu.

Our menu prices are very fair and it is certain that hungry customers will be satisfied.
In other words, Kaskis will offer you every penny’s worth, an original atmosphere, and enough incredible food and drinks to match it. A place for pure enjoyment and fun. It’s as simple as that.

Warmest regards,
Erik, Simo and Topi